Apply Online

You can apply online!

Information we will need to process your application include: a state issued ID, proof of income for the past six month, social security card and application fee of $30 per applicant. We do not accept cash in our office. The fee needs to be paid by cashier’s check, money order or online with credit card.

1. All tenants 18 and older must complete a separate application.

2. A credit check will be run to verify there are no outstanding judgments. (Medical collections do not apply)

3. You must be able to show a 6 month payment history or have a credit score greater than 700. The amount must be from one creditor and must be 75% of the rental amount. For example: Rent is $400, payment must be more than $300 per month, this payment had to be paid on time every month for the past 6 month.

4. You must show a current 6 month source of income. Income must be three times the rent.

5. You must have a 6 month income that can be verifiable. (W-2 s, check stubs, etc.)

6. Past rental references are required and will be checked.

7. One eviction may be allowed.

8. If applying for a residence where tenant pays utilities, you must show proof of eligibility for utility service. All applications are subject to approval and may be denied for failure to meet one or more of our rental criteria.