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OWNERSAre you tired of looking for that property manager that works for your benefit? Fetter Properties has a history of honest and fair business dealings and we have over 100 satisfied property owners to prove it. Please check out what our owners say about us. Let Fetter Properties Management show you why we are the No.1 with so many rental owners. Please see our “Reference” page of satisfied owners

Management Services

Placement and monitoring of advertising

We take inside and outside photos of your property to put on our web site at no charge.  We weekly evaluate the interest level of the unit and adjust rates and specials to rent it as quickly as possible.

Processing applications to qualify tenants

We offer extensive screening of applicants including national credit and criminal reports.

Enforcement of leases

Collection of rents including eviction and legal options, when necessary
We have an aggressive collection policy that will collect past rent in a timely manner or eviction proceedings begin.

Resolution of tenant problems

We handle the tenant from beginning to end.  As an owner you never need to have any contact with the tenant.

Oversee all maintenance and upkeep of properties

We have our own full time maintenance workers and provide emergency after hour services.  We also work with contractors to get bids when larger repairs are needed.

Supervise all cleaning, painting and preparation of property for renting

We have two full time cleaning and painting crews that prep units after tenants move out.

Maintenance of lawn and landscaping

Whether you want lawn service included in your rent or while the property is vacant we insure the landscaping is taken care of and looking nice.

Payment of mortgages, utilities, insurance and property taxes, if desired

Whether you are out of town, do not want to mess with expenses for your income property, or simply want all expenses at one location for year end reporting, we will make sure you stay current on your bills.

Monthly owner’s statement and summary letter

At the end of each month we will send a computerized statement of all income and expenses, including our fee, and a check for all income above expenses or a bill if expenses exceed income. The monthly Operating Statements include year to date information that makes tax preparations a snap.

Management Policy

Our policy is to not bleed a property by refusing needed maintenance work nor to do more than necessary to insure a reasonable monthly income stream. We are an Equal Opportunity firm who is very conservative in tenant selection. It is our philosophy that it is better to wait than to rent to the wrong person. We strive to find the best tenants while strictly following all Federal, State and local laws.


  • A management fee which is a percentage of the monthly rent
  • Straight cost for advertising, contractor work and court costs
  • An hourly rate based on actual time work for Maintenance and Cleaning and Painting
  • A small percentage for materials used on repairs

We invite comparisons. Our rates and services are competitive and our reputation is excellent!   Contact us today for your free consultation and find out more about our services.

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“I have been very pleased with Fetter Property Management services. Communication about my properties has been very timely and I feel confident that my units are being properly maintained and renters are being properly screened.”
Mike S.
“As an out of state investor, dealing with a property manager comes down to one word. Trust. Long term relations say a lot in today’s world, personally and professionally. Fetter Properties has handled my Indiana real ...
Tim K.
I have been investing in rental property for nearly twenty years. Fetter Properties has assisted me with management of several complexes, and I have been 100% satisfied with their services. They maintain the property at my ...
Cory M.
Most people like the idea of owning rental properties for income but they do not want the responsibility of managing them. Fetter Properties offers worry free investment in rental properties. Their team of professionals will advertise ...
Mike R.